The Perfect Mother’s Day Present!!

For You, Your Dear Sweet Mother, Wife or Both of You Together!



Combining Hoop Fundamentals and a Community Building Experience

A hoop practice is mostly spent alone in the hoop, even if when surrounded by other hoopers doing the very same thing. The people that you find through the hoop are unique is many ways and community becomes every bit as important to ‘growing up’ in the hoop as is the hooping itself.

This afternoon will be perfect for brand new hoopers as well as experienced hoopers looking to connect with others while hooping. The intention is to introduce you to all the things that people talk about when they get excited about hooping. You will learn the basics, fun tricks, techniques and exercises that you can only experience within a group.

Sat. May 24th. 3-5pm $30
Academy of Dance Arts
10080 East 121st Street, Fishers, Indiana 46037



Beginners hoops will be provided for class use and Hoops will also be available for sale.

What to wear, What to bring:

Wear comfortable cotton based clothing.

* fitness, yoga or dance type clothing

I like to hoop in socks but you may prefer shoes.
Shoes that will allow you to turn on your toe are better. (shoes that are not grabby, sticky on hardwood floors)

Bring Lots of Water.