Chaotic Toss

   Tunnel of Led Hoops Flow Camp 2013

Chaotic Toss ~ 
Chaotic Toss is a single hoop workshop focusing on Unconventional Tosses that can emerge from plain-less, 3D hoop techniques. We’ll start the workshop by connecting to the three dimensional frame work for the tosses: coin flip, helicopter, folding and well as warrior grip. Focusing on the different points of rotation each technique creates, we will follow through the different release positions, energy direction and speed needed to create a toss that gives enough order to the hoops flight. In this process we are all the while training the eye to see the differences in the release and the possibilities of contact for the catching hand.
After running through the techniques with a static core position, we will explore how movement of the body changes the effect on the hoop. Movement gives way to expansion within the ability to stall or seemingly float the hoop or meet the hoop more quickly if we choose. Workshop will finish up questions, answers or ideas on how to incorporate Chaotic Toss into your current Flowbilities.


Based in Indiana, Lynn Spencer-Nelson has been teaching,

performing and traveling since 2008. Hooping has evolved from a

meditative space and her passion for the hoop begins with its ability

to transform, strengthen and support. Her workshops and classes

all come from the love of creating the experience of process for

students and the empowerment of imagination, individuality and


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