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Hooping ~ Movement Art and Mediative Fitness

IndyHoopers ~ Indianapolis, Indiana.

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As there are infinite ways to interact with this prop. A hoop offers itself as a dance partner, a performance element, a meditation and movement tool and a fitness component.

Finding the hoop has been be described as a game changer. Everyone who calls themselves a Hooper has a remarkable story that begins with a plastic ring. Its a story of self discovery, fitness through play, healing, expression, community and personal growth. A journey to knowing oneself better though quiet focus and pushing past obstacles that you never imagined for yourself. IndyHoopers provides a varied, brilliant and experienced instruction for all levels of Hooping. Bringing opportunity for community to come together though workshops, classes, weekend retreats and jams.


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My name is Lynn Spencer-Nelson. I am an artist.
I paint, photograph, sculpt and work to create jewelry, clothing and unique decor. Also am an essential oil wellness representative, retail sales associate, virtual assistant and always a mother of two and wife to a musician and teacher.
You are ready this today because I am a movement artist. I perform with hoops, co-create within troops, offer private coaching, classes and workshops. I founded IndyHoopers in 2007 with the excitement and passion to share hooping and how it changed my life. This simple plastic ring gave a once shy and overly introverted creative the courage to push through those barriers in all aspects of life. As I watch the community grow I get to witness similar stories of tremendous strength sprouting from this unsuspecting space. This is a place to find yourself
and a beautifully diverse group of people.
It takes a lot to remain a dedicated Artist.
Please visit and share from my Artist Store on Etsy and the mother website lynnspencernelson.com. 
Thank You!

 Indoor Private - Semi -Private

 Hooping is for Everyone!


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