Workshops at Motus Dance Theater

Every hooper starts and grows from the same place and every component of hooping builds from a simple start into layers of infinite difficulty.

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All Levels ~ Dojo Style Class.
Exploring components, each starting with the basics and increasing in complexity. Borrowed from martial arts, a Dojo creates a valuable learning experience for everyone. Beginners to advanced hoopers learn what they need for right now and can see where it could be for them in the near future.


First: Beginning / Full Core Hooping.
Movement, Dancing and Mingling are Core Skill Builders. No matter how long you have been hooping, there is always a way to challenge yourself on core.

Next: Turning / Sustained Spinning.
Turning with the current of your hoop is essential to deeper learning into core hooping. Learning on body and off body tech and play for your level while turning and spinning. The intention here is to make turning with your hoop something that you don’t think about, it just happens. No worries about your tummy. You will not be going around and turning the whole time, unless you are ready to do that, and this will be a rather small section of the workshop. Sustained Spinning is a favorite for me, but experiencing a bit of apprehension is warranted. Conditioning the body to sustain a spin for long periods of time can be intense.**

Then: Chest and Shoulder Hooping
Beginnings, drills into how to “grace-up” shoulder work making it smooth and precise. Moving into break and paddle drills designed to crisp up breaks within movement. We could also work with stalls with inner and outer space arm work and pinch breaks. In that last workshop, I saw where I could give people a lot within Chest and Shoulders so I plan to spend a good chunk talking about it and all the way that it can be more awesome!

At Last: Flow
What is it? How to develop you own thing. Ways to practice flow and a good deal of time to practice new and old, to integrate.

This workshop will be a great intro for beginners as well as an opportunity for those with previous experience to stretch into new territory. Hoops will be provided for class and available for sale starting at 20$. Wear cotton based, yoga styled clothing. Shoes are good but some prefer socks. Bring Water.



Based in Indiana, Lynn Spencer-Nelson has been teaching,

performing and traveling since 2008. Hooping has evolved from a

meditative space and her passion for the hoop begins with its ability

to transform, strengthen and support. Her workshops and classes

all come from the love of creating the experience of process for

students and the empowerment of imagination, individuality and