Couples and Group Workshop

Creating a Moving Landscape.

Couples and Group Techniques ~ Lynn Spencer-Nelson

Tunnel of Led Hoops Flow Camp 2013
Tunnel of Led Hoops Flow Camp 2013 Photographer ~ Jason Mooney

Connecting and cooperating one on one and inside the collective to create something together. This workshop is a guided group project, but a common goal with ‘strangers’ becomes more than just making something look interesting for a viewer. Close-ness experienced with many new people breaks patterns of movement and personal barriers giving way to new something within yourself and a chance to experience community in a unique way.

Techniques, tricks and exercises layer themselves together in a landscape that we create, a moving environment for an audience and the performers to experience. Finding a way to interact requires us to think about what we already do in a different way. In a collection of speed dating-like exercises, experience co-creating one on one and special interaction within each new person.

In the end we have an organized but improvisational way to move with each other to create this thing we intended. What that is exactly is expanded or somehow different every time it is created. Witnessing differences and sharing the sweet similarities with another can form new bonds of friendship and challenge our practice and ourselves after walking away.

A Beautiful Offering for Any Group, Retreat or Festival!

Kinetic Fire 2013 ~ Groups and Couples Workshop
Kinetic Fire 2013 ~ Groups and Couples Workshop

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Couples, Group Techiniques for Layered Scenes

Workshop Type: ONE Hoop: Intermediate/ Advanced
Improvisational Flow Applications
Intention toward an Audience
1.5hrs -6 hrs *adaptable
Instructor: Lynn Spencer-Nelson
Workshop Elements:
Building a Scene in Multiple Layers.
Each exercise has a place in building vignettes layered back to front to form an ever moving organization for an audience. With many participants we get to explore more intricacies and In smaller groups we plan how we could organize a larger group to produce these outcomes. By design, everyone engages everyone many times throughout all the exercises. Bringing friends is encouraged but bringing an actual partner is not necessary. An Amazing Addition to organize within a festival full of Led Hoopers. Read about how that went down at Flow Camp:

Applicable Forms and Techniques:
Couples Tosses
Group/Vertical Wall
Engaging Movement Base in couples hooping
Chasing /Folding/Off Body/
Figure eight- Halo for two
Couples Helicopter
Cross Currents

Maintain the hoop at the waist as well as turn with the hoop.
Have had some practice walking and/or running while hooping.
Be able to’ Lift’ the hoop
Have had practice with vertical toss
Experienced consistency in Catching the hoop.
Practiced off body in vertical and horizontal, helicopter, isolations
Previous knowledge of Movement



Based in Indiana, Lynn Spencer-Nelson has been teaching,

performing and traveling since 2008. Hooping has evolved from a

meditative space and her passion for the hoop begins with its ability

to transform, strengthen and support. Her workshops and classes

all come from the love of creating the experience of process for

students and the empowerment of imagination, individuality and