What is a Hoop Dojo?

Hoop Dojo

The set up of class as a dojo, borrows its physical layout from martial arts instruction. Practiced students are asked to place themselves on the front line of class, beginners form toward the back and lines develop in between them. As the front line drives the components we explore, we start by seeing the the end goal first. Establishing an expansive direction gives the front line a place to begin practice while the basic forms are taught. The front line explores and pushes the end goal as coaching continues throughout each component.

Every hooper starts and grows from the same place and every component of hooping is built from a simple start into layers of infinite difficulty. Seeing the end goal and watching it unfold from its basic form stimulates and empowers a beginners mind.

Re-hearing familiar instruction, while experiencing its expansion triggers ideas into the component at hand, into components that are similar and out into all the things with circles.