3D Twins ~ Plain Bending

3D Twins ~ Plain Bending


A hooping workshop for two hoops of any size

3D Doubles will be a workshop for two hoops focusing on techniques that take the hoops out of plains or walls, into a three dimensional existence and lay them back into a different plain orientation. We will start the workshop by connecting to different plains available, focusing on the different ways of approach within arm movement, spin on the hand and ways to transition to grip inside these plains. We will then explore three dimensional techniques that encompass a sphere rather than a plain. Wrist flips, single hand tosses, recovery with a warrior grip, hug folds into current changes.  Then we will play with how the two concept groups have opportunity to interact with each other and come in and out of being.  The workshop will end with the addition of movement in the arms and body to create a more dynamic effect and challenge.


Based in Indiana, Lynn Spencer-Nelson has been teaching,

performing and traveling since 2008. Hooping has evolved from a

meditative space and her passion for the hoop begins with its ability

to transform, strengthen and support. Her workshops and classes

all come from the love of creating the experience of process for

students and the empowerment of imagination, individuality and