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What to expect in a hoop workshop  ~ The Hoop Dojo

In offering workshops for our seasoned hoop community here in Indiana, and out traveling, I have found my favorite way to reach a broad range of levels and give everyone something new to take home. Setting up class with the sense of a martial arts Dojo allows well practiced hoopers to expand along side the beginner student. There are definite advantages to seeing the possibilities beyond where you are today and everything in between.

The learning environment in a Hoop Dojo is really valuable if you can take it. Beginners may not know, but hooping can be so much more than just you and a hula hoop. It may start out that way but it does seem to touch everyone somewhere in the realm of personal strength and growth. Taking up the hoop will build you up. It is empowering! Even though sometime it can knock a chip or two off that ego, it always seems to be exactly the barrier we need to see or to break for growth. Somewhere in the practice, in the creative and meditative state and the self reflection that happens there, new strengths felt inside the hoop find a way into other parts of our lives.

What you believe of yourself and your abilities will be challenged by a hoop practice. The Hoop Dojo can break down personal belief barriers and build your skills quickly.

You can catch a Hoop Dojo Workshop every six weeks or so through Motus Dance Theater in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Search for upcoming workshops at Motus Dance Theater on Eventbright

Something Gentle ~

Some people need to start real slow and gentle for different reasons. If you are a beginner I would suggest trying the Hoop Dojo Workshop first. If it proves a bit much for you for what ever reason let’s find a different option for you.

I currently offer both Indoor Private and Semi Private Lessons and Outdoor Private ~ Semi Private Lessons. 

In the past, when I have designed a basic core and more beginner workshop they have failed due to low registration. So when you do see one, Please support it!

I am always ready to reevaluate the market and offer something gentle. Let me know, please write to me if you want a basic core workshop and if there is enough interest we will make it happen!

Specialty Workshops ~

I have many workshops that I designed over the years or festivals, communities, retreats or special events. I can design one for you too!

Inner Alchemy~Mingle & Flow ~ 2016 ~ 

Doubles Dojo ~ 2016

3D Twins ~ Plain Bending ~ 2015

Chaotic Toss ~ 2015

Couples and Groups Workshop ~ 2014 

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