Hooping is Home

IndyHoopers ~ IndieHoop is a Hoop Instruction and Performance Company based in central Indiana.   As there are infinite ways to interact with this prop, a hoop offers itself as a dance partner, a performance element, a meditation and movement tool and a fitness component.   Hooping has something for Everyone!
Offering experienced local instruction and exciting visitors we hope to provide a variety in curriculum and a connection to community for your growth and support as a hooper. IndyHoopers was founded 2007, by  Lynn Spencer-Nelson. With IndyHoopers/IndieHoop Lynn reaches out to communities beyond the IndyState, offering workshops as tours and within flow arts festivals and events.  As for Performances and opportunities, IndyHoopers~IndieHoop offers a network of Beautiful and Talented Independent Movement Artists.  Local or imported, one or twenty, we provided your connection to hoop and  flow performers.